Email sent to Britain First

To whom it may concern,

I have a need to ask you these questions because of the amount of mis-information
and dis-information around on the internet these days, we do not know who to trust
with our details because this control system is everywhere.


I like what you are attempting to achieve with your petitions and what have you, but
why are you asking for full name, date of birth and address which creates joinder to
a legal system that seeks to control every aspect of our lives? this gives me pause for
thought as to the real agenda of Britain First? Are you a honey pot which is seeking
to collect names, dob’s and addresses of patriots who seek freedom and liberty?
or are you really trying to fix things for the better?

Are you aware that the legal system in place needs to have our name, address
and date of birth in order to creat joinder in their so called courts of law (read administrative
hearings) and courts de-facto resided over by a Judge (read administator) Why do you think
a Policeman (read Policy man) is so intent upon us revealing our name, address and DOB when
as their first action upon being stopped? they really need this information to continue.

Do you also realise (real-eyes) that the upper case name is a legal fiction and is CROWN
COPYRIGHT ( read as belonging to the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION) a privately owned
Corporation and nation state occupying central London?  when we use the NAME we are
committing fraud as it is not ours, but is the property of the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION
which is why you are always found guilty in their adminstative hearings.

Read your birth certificate, they tell you “not to be used for identifcation purposes” so why
do you ask? why not ask for the given appelation and family name, only no address and
certainly no date of birth. You are now going to tell me it’s their rule that we must
give our name, dob and address, if that is the case then I will have to unsubscribe.

I am going to copy this to my blog and I will also copy your reply so people can make their
own minds on whether to support you or not.

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