Global Non-Compliance

It is my opinion that the people of the world are slowly and systematically being robbed of their wealth and their freedoms in order that a few elitists can own the planet.

They are not happy that they have most of the wealth and lead a great life with several houses in many Countries, own aeroplanes, boats and all the trappings that the other 99 per-cent of the people would love just to have a share in. No they want it all, they want to own the planet with everything in it and on it and to make everyone a slave to their every whim, everyone that’s left that is.

It is my opinion that these elitists are insane, they have had their humanity ripped out of them, they have absolutely no empathy whatsoever for what they do and condone in their name to other living souls, human and animal they just don’t care about us (Michael Jackson was bang on target), we are the enemy to their system as we have been successful in slowing down the enslavement but we need to go much further than that, we need to bring them down in a peaceful way, we need to stop complying with their system.

The best part is we gave them permission to do it, in other words we are murdering ourselves through lack of attention, apathy and it pains me to write it, but we are paying them to carry out a systematic robbery and culling of everyone on the planet except for a few that they need to service their every need, how crazy is that.

The world is not as we see it, we have been indoctrinated from our very first breath on this planet, given away by our parents to a system of total control, yes our parents were apathetic, and so was I because I registered all four of my children to this cruel system of dominance we are living under. You are all born dead, lost at sea in your ship waiting to be docked in some de-facto court so they can imprison or fine you on any pretense with not one injured party to be seen.

I know I’m preaching to the converted here on this blog as most likely the only people reading it are awake to elitists dream of owning the world lock stock and barrel, so this message has to go out to the masses in hopes that it gets a few more slaves digging for the treasure of the real truth instead of Gold for the Annunaki insert New World Order. You do not have to believe a word I write, if you happen to read this blog and are not awake all I ask is you investigate it yourself I am sure you will find plenty of evidence to the facts I have stated.

Human’s of this Planet Earth, for heaven’s sake wake up, question everything around you, question every politician, every government agent, dig for that treasure of truth, wake up to the fact that we are not free, that ‘s an illusion the elitists want us to believe by giving us elections, with a choice of two or three major parties that they have in their pockets every four or five years or whatever it happens to be in your Country (you do not get to be a leader of a party unless they allow it), we have no such thing as free and fair elections, we never have and never will , until we unite and tell these psychopaths that they are surplus to requirements.

Unless humanity wakes up in huge numbers very soon the prison doors will slam shut and the elitists will have everything, whoever remains alive will be numbered and controlled throughout their miserable existence and we would have done it all ourselves because we were not interested in what was going on around us as we watched the box and got boozed up every Friday and Saturday.

join the peaceful Global Non-Compliance effort to stop this take over of the world and recruit many more before it’s too late. Remember we are all born equal nobody stands above anyone unless we consent, they get our consent through deceitful adhesion contracts meant to deceive.

Update: The website above has been taken down, I don’t know if it was taken down by the owners of the domain or if it was taken down by government.

There is a twitter account where current and past information is available, please follow and recruit other to follow also, we need big numbers Global Non-Compliance Tweet Account

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