The UFO Disclosure Song

The song is meant to stand-alone, to find a home on your personal music playlist.

Still, there’s no doubt that just seeing this cross-section of photos with the music creates a powerful emotional experience. You can watch it through this site above, or you can watch it on You Tube. The icon will take you to a version where the lyrics are visible.

We can’t vouch for every single picture that is included here, we do know that most of them — like the Belgian triangle photo to the left — have passionate defenders of their authenticity.

By the way, the photo we use in our cover is one of the most famous (and credible) in the entire history of unidentified flying objects. It was taken May 11, 1950 by Paul and Evelyn Trent on their farm in McMinnville, Oregon. As we write this, 2010 marks the 60th anniversary of the day they were taken. Read detailed history here. We assume that most people want their sighting photos used in the service of furthering Disclosure. However, if any photographer wishes theirs removed, we’ll do it without protest.

Finally, if you like “Need-to-Know” as a piece of music, there’s no better sound than the 256 kbps version you can get at iTunes.

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