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Daihinia™ is a tool for WiFi. It turns a simple Ad-Hoc network into a Multi-hop Ad-Hoc network. Multi-hop Ad-Hoc networks offer a higher level of flexibility than the usual Infrastructure Mode: in Infrastructure Mode all the computers have to be in the range of the Access Point, while in Multi-hop Ad-Hoc networks they have to be within one another’s range, possibly forming chains longer than one hop.

Basically, Daihinia™ offers a Mesh Network layer for WiFi Ad-Hoc (IBSS) networks, thus making the network infrastructure be implicitly maintained by the users themselves. It’s a nice idea that a network user supports the network around him/her just by the fact that he/she uses the network.

Unlike other solutions that allow mesh topology only between Access Points, Daihinia™ uses IBSS Mode and adds mesh functionality directly to computers, and does not use Access Points at all. Daihinia is implemented as a network driver for Windows systems and is completely transparent to the programs.

mesh net diagram


  • Daihinia™ is a perfect solution for home and small office networks: wireless computers will use each other to establish a path to the computer that shares its wired internet conection to the wireless mesh network.
  • Daihinia™ is a must-have for any user with a laptop. Based on the network name (SSID), Daihinia driver only enables itself for networks that are prefixed “Daihinia” in their names, and does not interfere when connected to the usual (infrastructure-mode and non-multihop ad-hoc) networks.
  • Daihinia™ is better than any SoftAP solution because the resulting network scales easier and automatically.
  • When installed on top of carriers like Super WiFi, Daihinia™ may be a good solution for yacht communities.
  • Daihinia’s unique routing algorithm has an overhead of less than 1.5% (some other mesh solutions can eat as high as 10%).
  • In contrast with the emerging 802.11s standard, Daihinia™ has the advantage of working on all adapters capable of Ad-Hoc mode, not only on a small “softmac” subset.

Please surf over to the source to bone up on the system

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