The Importance of Earthing Your Body

Please watch this video linked before from Dr. Mercola and Dr. James Oschman.

The Importance of Earthing Your Body

With reference to the Dr. Mercola and Dr. Oschman video I linked to about the importance of Earthing your body, I have made a system consisting of a mains plug a piece of insulated mains cable (with just the yellow and green wire connected) and a small block of aluminium plate I had lying around.


You can use whatever you have lying around to make something which will do the job. You could even just strip the earth lead back a couple of inches if you have no metal plate to connect the wire too, and place it under the ball of your foot it would still work, but you run the chance of having a small piece of wire sticking into your foot, so just be careful.


Most mains cable is made using copper so a better solution for a plate would be a piece of copper plate. The reason for this is that dissimilar metals could corrode and make a diode which would only conduct one way and offer a high resistance the other way, which you would not want, so it would be better to have copper on copper, I will in fact get a copper plate and attach that at some later date, but for now the aluminum will have to be suffice. I will just have to make sure it does not corrode and form a diode.


As you can see I used a mains plug and took out the live and neutral pins leaving just the earth pin. My piece of mains cable only had two conductors (wires) so I just clipped the live (brown) wire off and used the Neutral wire (blue) I can now plug the earthing system into the nearest mains outlet and place the ball of my foot on the aluminum plate whereby obtaining an earth connection which is brought into every room of the house through your mains wiring, this system is very convenient and works very well.

Ground Plate







The Plug







The Whole Earthing System


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