Middle East Vision

A Vision for Israel and the Middle East

Knowing that our thoughts and our words are the building blocks of our future, and that when enough of us are holding our intentions and visions on that which we would manifest for ourselves, we can bring change to the world around us. In fact, every time we see our world in its ideal state, we are, in that moment, actively and consciously contributing to the creation of our deepest desires, intentions, and visions.

The following Vision comes from a request from Intender, Avivit, in Israel.

We see peace in Israel; we see peace in every household, in every heart, and in every mind in the entire Middle Eastern region. We envision every child happy, laughing, playing in complete and utter safety and joy, living with the promise of experiencing their entire life long, to the fullest, and fulfilled because they have achieved whatever their dreams may be.

We see a people living in harmony and helping each other in every way. We see all of the Middle East, including the leaders, gleaning the wisdom that when we care for each other and intend only the Highest Good for our fellow men and women, everything gets better. And we see the peoples and countries of the Middle East having risen up and out of their old ways into the light of a new day where they, both individually and collectively, are a shining example for the rest of the world of how good life is when we truly learn to love and honor one another.

For the Highest Good of the people of the Middle East and all peoples everywhere.
So Be it and So it is!
It is Done!

Intenders of the highest good

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