Turning Back!

Peaceful Activism

Imagine a large group of people standing up and turning their backs on a politician
and after a period of time walking out of the venue. Imagine this happening all over
the western world every time a politician speaks.

At first it would be a few people standing up and turning their backs then walking
out, but the practice would grow quite quickly into a movement, leaving little
doubt in the minds of our leaders that we have just had enough of their lies and

The action of quietly standing up and turning our backs on the speaker I believe
would have a profound effect on their psyche, because they love to be listened
to and have your undivided attention, when their words fall on deaf ears, they
just might get the idea that they are needed or wanted.

I don’t think we need to have another website to run with this idea as there
are many in existence who could use this simple and peaceful method of telling
the establishment that we have had enough of their talk.

Heckling does nothing except getting you thrown out for disrupting the event,
but by standing up and turning your backs for say a minute and then walking
peacefully and quietly out would have a profound effect on the speaker
and other people who are in attendance without anyone getting thrown
out by a bunch of hired thugs.

This action could be done at national and local level, in every town, city
and village all across the world and their would be nothing they could
do about it. To be effective it must be done quietly and peacefully.



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