Confrontation With Truth

Julian Assange and Wikileaks

Our Governments (Corporations) do not like being confronted with the truth do they, just look at what they do when they are caught out. They are running scared because the light of truth is illuminating what they really are. Shine the light and oh boy watch them scurry.

They watch us, but when they are watched, boy do they cry Wolf. They do everything in secret and by deception using the excuse of state secrets to cover up their treason. We have let the Foxes run the Hen house we must keep the foxes out in the future.

Okay truth time, we must all confront these supposed government representatives with truth, we should confront them everywhere they go, tell them to their sick faces that they are traitors, question everything they say and everything they do. CONFRONT THEM FIRMLY BUT DO IT PEACEFULLY AND LAWFULLY.

The major problem lies in the one square mile of London called the “CITY” it is a den of Vipers with four temples, why do they call them temples? maybe they worship money,power and Lucifer. The LAW SOCIETY (laugh) should be called the LAWLESS SOCIETY.

We have been asleep at the wheel while these money worshiping whores of Babylon have been robbing us of everything. They are responsible for the stealing of our beloved Country and handing it over to another bunch of Devil Worshipers in Europe.

When we demonstrate it must be peaceful because they want violence on the streets as an excuse to clamp down, we must not let that happen, now the problem is they cause the problem with paid saboteurs, useful idiots or police in plain cloths, or Mi5. If they happens walk away and leave them isolated, do not join in their action, that is what they want.

This slow boiling of our society has been happening for hundreds of years, it is a long term plan to rob us of everything and I mean everything, There is still time otherwise we would all be living in HELL by now, they have not got everything lined up yet, but they can not be far away. All the blue bloods need is, their servants, and their engineers, that’s it, the rest of us are useful idiots and you can draw your own conclusions on whats in store for us.

Non-compliance and confronting these idiots straight on with the absolute truth of their TREASON and they will scatter like the Rats they are.

Seventy two Police stations have been given evidence of TREASON involving  traitor Ted Heath’s Government (Corporation) using their own documents, this evidence is overwhelming, where are the journalists, why has this not been reported, could be the media is in bed with the Illuminati government.

Wikileaks are a bright light being used to show us what they obviously do not want the useless eaters to see, ladies and gentleman they are scared of our power, we are the power but only when we act together, that is why they spend trillions of dollars to keep us separated, they know when we act together they are finished.

We have not been educated, we have been indoctrinated which is why people have a job to believe what is being told. They have put us in a box, it’s time to get out.

The unholy trinity, the three little Countries within a larger Country. The Vatican (the religious arm) Washington DC (the military arm) and lastly the City (the monetary arm) all have a phallic symbol within them. Draw your own conclusions.

Note to Journalists do your dam job start reporting the truth, act together as one, what are they going to do, sack you all. Together you are strong, don’t think you will escape your responsibility when the people stop this nonsense you will not.

Note to the Police, if there are any good policemen still left, do your job, how about investigating the evidence given at 72 police stations, why are you not arresting these people who have sold our Country out to another jurisdiction, go and see Albert Burgess (retired policeman) he will give you all the evidence you need to convict every politician who has been in power since 1972, now that would be real justice. You do not have to follow the orders of the Chief Constable, you have your own warrant card, use it. if the Chief Constable tries to stop you, arrest him too. If enough of you stand together you will become hero’s to this County and to the world at large, the people are waiting do not disappoint.

Read the following Scripture to really see what is happening on Earth today;

Mathew 24
Luke 11
Luke 21
2nd Timothy 3rd Chapter

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