A Natural Cure All!

Big Pharma

Big Pharma

Big Pharmaceutical companies through powerful lobbying of government agencies and training of doctors have managed to suppress one of the many great natural substances that was used many years ago to cure almost anything. These cures used to be abundant in the past, but greedy Pharmaceutical companies want everyone to buy their over inflated and not so magical and expensive products which carry many side effects that have proven to be so drastic that you need to buy more of their rubbish to prevent the other symptoms, in other words it’s a total scam to legally fleece Joe public.

I am mainly concerned with the treatment and prevention of Cancer, but this substance will prevent and treat the Swine Flu and many other diseases and ailments cheaply and effectively. This is the main reason all natural cures and preventions are being suppressed, the greedy Pharmaceutical companies can’t make money on them, because they are unable to patent them, you can not patent a naturally occurring substance. The control of these natural substances by the elite is a crime against humanity in my opinion, just like J.P. Morgan who would not give backing to Tesla, because the greedy little tyke could not meter it. This man like all others of his ilk have no communication with their souls and are on the dark path, with no concern to serve humanity but only to serve themselves. We can only send them love and hope they change their path.

I encourage you all to view the evidence put before you by the video which I am going to link to. I have the e-book and my wife and I use the substance it recommends daily and have done so for the last six months, use it in the manner it prescribes and you will be protected, my wife and I have had no side effects whatsoever and we both feel great.

Get the e-book, do your research on the evidence it provides. Send love to these misguided humans who want all the riches the world has to offer in service to themselves. We must love ourselves and everyone else so that we can reap the rewards of a better society and a better way of life free from corporate control, wars and tyranny. Use the power you have, the power that they fear most, do not support them, do not buy their goods and services, find alternatives and let those that serve themselves fall by the wayside or find their salvation and come into the light. We have the power, we are six billion or more, they are few in number, but in positions of power due to having an abundance of IOU Notes they laughingly call money. Use your power to humble them.

Click here for the link to the video, and thank you for reading.


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