Vaccines, Toothpaste and Origions of ISIS

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000nogmCDC Responds: Admits Omitting Vaccine Data

Epidemiologist, William W. Thompson,
PhD broke a decade of silence over the
government’s deliberate concealment of
the link between the MMR vaccine (for
measles, mumps, and rubella) and a
dramatically increased risk of autism,
particularly in African American boys.

The paper Thompson was referring to
above was a February 2004 study of the
MMR vaccine, which was published in the
journal, ‘Pediatrics’ by three CDC scientists
working in the National Immunization
Program, including Thompson. The study
concluded that there were “no significant
associations” between the age at which the
vaccine is administered and the incidence of
“developmental regression,” such as autism.

This is the study that has been invoked for
the past decade by the those seeking to say
there is no link between autism and vaccines,
however, it is important to note that the
‘Pediatrics’ journal receives financial support
from vaccine makers…

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2 Swiss banks to end 200-yr secrecy and publish financials — RT Business | Starship Earth: The Big Picture | Lightworker29501

This story came in from RT via lightworker29501 and 2012thebigpicture. Thank you

2 Swiss banks to end 200-yr secrecy and publish financials — RT Business | Starship Earth: The Big Picture.

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Breaking: MMR vaccine, autism, CDC coverup


I have nothing to add as this article says it all.

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Breaking: autism, MMR vaccine, CDC coverup

by Jon Rappoport

August 20, 2014

Sources: Age of Autism, Focus Autism Foundation—

Age of Autism 8/18 article: “Senior government scientist breaks 13 years’ silence on CDC’s vaccine-autism fraud.”

CDC research scientist comes forward, anonymously, comes clean, tells Dr. Brian Hooker that the CDC has known about the MMR vaccine connection to autism for at least 11 years.

Has known, and has intentionally covered it up.

The CDC and the US government have gone to extreme lengths to assert there is no vaccine-autism connection.

This CDC scientist has spoken with Brian Hooker, a PhD in biochemical engineering, many times.

Hooker states he has seen raw CDC data not included in any study. And the data show that:

African-American boys who receive their first MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine before the age of 36 months have a 300% increased risk for autism.

If this…

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Join a secure email and video communication application based in iceland

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Drake’s Radio Show from July 17, 2014, plus a personal Skype conversation with Peter Eyre


This audio is worth a listen, Peter Eyre, Neil Keenan, Rob Miller, Drake and Dr Aidun as Guests, move on to the first hour to hear the guests.

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Peter Eyre contacted me on Skype very early (for me) this morning. He was on the run to catch a plane. I was able to share with him the info from Abel Danger, which I have every reason to believe is reliable.

He gave me permission to share the following:

“Hello Jean….I have sufficient research to show that MH17 was 200% a false flag event that had no connection to the Russian President’s aircraft. All of the details shown by various cabal controlled media are totally false and simply do not add up.

“I have sufficient personal experience to prove both were false flags and that the evidence in both cases is bogus.

“. . . Yes, and they want WW3! What better way to rub up the Russians into some sort of conflict which would bring China and the BRIC countries into the fray. What better way for the US to clear…

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New Earth Nation

New Earth Nation – Make Your Declaration and Treaty

There are apparently 253 Corporate Nations in the world but in truth every man woman and child is a sovereign nation. Please read everything on this website and if you are in agreement with it’s aims then perhaps you will feel the need to sign the sovereign declaration and peace treaty where every man woman and child declares peace.


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Open Letter to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

No need for me to add anything as James Patrick says it all. Thank you James for standing up with your truth to power.

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